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“A healthy smile can reveal a lot about yourself and your positive well-being. For example, when you give a speech or lead a discussion, does your smile radiate confidence to affirm your message is genuine or worthy of attention? I think many good speakers believe this to be true. I firmly believe that a healthy smile goes a long way in how other people perceive you. A healthy smile is attractive.  Fortunately, you do not need to have “perfect teeth” to have a “healthy smile”.

Preventative Dentistry

With general dental care, we can keep your teeth and gums in top condition. Regular checkups allow us to monitor your oral health and preserve your gorgeous smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you want to revitalize your smile, our skilled dentist can craft a gorgeous image courtesy of modern cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Implants

Restore the function and vitality of your smile with implant dentistry. Designed to mimic your natural teeth, implants will close gaps and create lasting beauty.

So what do we mean by a “healthy smile” and how do we get that?

Nowadays, having whiter teeth, clean and healthy teeth and gums, and straight teeth are all part of what most people perceive as healthy and beautiful in a smile. If you are looking for this, I can help you improve your smile. And if you desire the “perfect” set of teeth, I can also help you make some informed choices.

Part of our office philosophy is that our intentions are never to push treatment. We believe every patient’s needs are unique, and we will respect your needs. With my qualified dental team, we promise to help you take an active part in the care of your teeth and mouth.”

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“Part of our office philosophy is that our intentions are never to push treatment. We believe every patient’s needs are unique, and we will respect your needs. With my qualified dental team, we promise to help you take an active part in the care of your teeth and mouth.”

 – Dr. Andrew Lee


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  • review rating 5  Dr.Lee and his staff are the best. So professional and very caring. I recommend them to anyone.

    thumb Allison Morin
  • review rating 5  Andrew Lee and I met in 1993 (when we were both young!) and I am very happy to say that I continue to be a very happy patient. He and his staff have always been helpful and available. I would highly recommend them.

    thumb Peter Snelling
  • review rating 5  Been a patient for many years. Dr Orlik and his staff have always provided exemplary service. The hygienists and reception are great. Have had a lot of work done and always been extremely happy. The in-house root canal dentist is also amazing !

    thumb e d
  • review rating 5  My husband and I have been going to Dr Lee's for almost 20 years. I highly recommend him, he's a very good dentist. The entire staff has always been welcoming and professional. My Dental Hygienist, Carlene, is exceptional. She's very thorough and gentle and has a wonderful sense of humour. I actually look forward to going to the dentist!

    thumb Kate Brady
  • review rating 5  I have been with Doctor Lee since 1992. 26 years later I am still with him . He has been amazing throughout these number of years .He is very thorough in his work since the first visit .I have done fillings , bridges , root canals and repairs and have never had a bad experience. His clinic is clean and the hygienist that work there are amazing too. I have very sensitive teeth and Gum and throughout all the work he did I have had minimal discomfort. Dr lee is patient and is very accommodating. He accommodates my busy schedule and always make the time when I need him. I can never dream of anyone so professional and so good at their work. If you are looking for a great dentist, he definitely is the one. Nancy

    thumb nancy haddad-albina
  • review rating 5  I knew of the dental clinic from a colleague who used to go and I was looking to find a good dentist downtown; I made an appointment (winding up with Dr. Lee by chance) and have had a great experience thus far. After a year or so of visits getting regular cleaning and some other work completed, I decided to finally fix my teeth properly and took the plunge on orthodontic care after many years of considering it.I was hesitant to get braces done as an adult, but Dr. Lee made the whole process very easy (at least the parts in his control!). With a fairly complicated case, Dr. Lee was able to correct my bite using non-surgical techniques that are typically required for my (former) issues, especially at my age. On top of avoiding surgery, the entire process was completed in just under 1.5 years despite an original time-frame of at least 2 years.Throughout the entire process, Dr. Lee was very patient and willing to explain everything that he was doing (which is something I appreciate) and he was always willing to help out by scheduling impromptu visits to resolve any problems that came up. I always felt my time was well spent as an hour orthodontic appointment was an hour spent dedicated to my case and not passed off to others (which I’ve heard from other experiences can be the case at pure orthodontic offices). Definitely came out happy with my decision to go with braces and couldn’t be more pleased with how Dr. Lee handled the entire process.I would highly recommend Dr. Lee for any dental needs that he covers, from regular work to orthodontic work. Everyone at the office that I have dealt with (they’ve seen me a LOT!) has been nothing short of fantastic. Great professional practice with great results; if you’re looking for a good dental office in the financial district then this is a great place to go.Jamie G

    thumb Jamie Gallant


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